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Beginning in the space belonging to the southwest zone of the Elbasan kala has 28 been restored and revitalized through a project thanks to the Albanian arch. Vi corre un fiume detto Egrede, il qual si guazza due volte prima che si giunga alla citt. In its place a large, new house was built. Salut à tous Victime d'un problème depuis quelques jours et n'arrivant pas à le régler, je suis venu m'inscrire sur ce forum très sympathique pour y trouver de l'aide. These openings often form interesting decorative motif: placed according to a geometrical design, these light channels caused a diffused light fall in to the room below, in a ever changing direction. These attractive markets are well stocked, clean, orderly and well kept, roofed and shaded.

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The followings are some examples of these comparisons. On the vault over the southern or bazaar gate there is a block of white marble on which are inscribed, in celi script, the names of the forefathers of Mehmet the Conqueror back to Osmancik and the date of the conquest of Elbasan.

And also above this gate there are three blocks of white marble, suspended on chains, and showing traces of arrow and bullet shots; all who go in and out the gate remark on them.


The clock was very skillfully constructed and is quite accurate, never losing a minute or a second, so the muezzins of all the mosques follow it faithfully. The clock tower my be the one that was destroyed by a fire around , so that the clock tower that there is nowadays in the kale is a reconstruction of the 19th century. In the middle of the fortress is the large old Mosque of Sinan Pasha, a one-story construction.

The outer sides of its four walls are completely covered in couplets, poems, qasides, hadiths and single verses inscribed by travelers from Turkey, Arabia and Persia, each of whom wrote in his own hand, in fine calligraphy. It was mutilated beyond recognition and used initially as a painters studio, then by the Democratic Front as a Centre for the Political Instruction of the People and eventually as a puppet theatre.

It has been reconstructed recently, even if without the minaret it once had. First of all is the Bathhouse of Sinan Pasha within the fortress near the eastern gate in an old building. Its water and atmosphere and construction are quite pleasant. The choice of the colors for the interior is nevertheless objectionable pink, yellow and light blue , but at least the building is well preserved.

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The forgotten Ottoman legacy of Florina on the River Sakoulevas 17th century It is a fact of that the number of works, which are living witnesses of the Ottoman culture and civilization in Greece, decrease day by day.

For this reason is very urgent for present monuments to be taken photographs, measured, made their plans and elevations and read the writing and inscriptions. Recently some remarkable examples of restoration and preservation of these buildings have been carried out in Greece such as in Thessalonica, and so not only where at the places where the Muslim population is dense like Komotini or Xanti in Western Trace.

In the now neglected quarter of the market, the ar of old, we still find a basin of white marble which once stood in the courtyard of a mosque; the massive Bedesten has vanished entirely and no one remembers the place where it once stood. Until there still was a large hamam in a bad state of decay but still, architecturally speaking, fairly well preserved.

During my second visit to this place in I was unable to find it again. In its place a large, new house was built. On the other hand, there are many cases where Ottoman buildings belong to private owners. Europa Program Yearbook In the remaining part of this article I want to focus on two basically unknown situations: the case of Florina on the River Sakoulevas and a little known Ottoman building on the Lake Volvis.

Florina is a town in Greece. It lies in the central part of Florina prefecture, of which is the capital. It is the first town across the border with FRY Macedonia 13 km and stands on slightly rising ground of about m above sea level.

The historic Egnatia is situated to the east. Florina is the site of the ancient Melitonus. It remains under the Ottomans from to inclusively.

In the city is mentioned in Gabriele Cavazzas Itinerary: 25 Sabbato. Di mattina a due ore di giorno montassimo a cavallo, et a mezzo d giungessimo alla villa Frubelli [Florina]. A Frubelli nn si trova n pane n vino, ne v cavarzer. Of all these buildings only few traces survived until nowadays.

This fact is not surprising because there is no mention about any Ottoman architectural legacy in all the references for Florina.

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The first is the basement of a minaret located at the number 6 of Papakon Nou Neretis; the masonrys technique is the so-called opera mista as the Ottomans used 32 local Byzantine construction methods. This type of masonry consists in a number of layers of alternate bricks and stones. In the particular case of the unknown minaret in Florina, the masonry consists in alternation of three rows of bricks and a layer of stone; every stone is separated from the other by a couple of vertical bricks.

Plain bricks constitute the remains of the minarets shaft and its shape reminds the one from the Alaca Imaret Mosque in Thessalonica built by Ishak Pasha in The minarets basement has six equal sides, while the seventh side, which originally was the side attached to the mosque, is larger and hosts the access door.

Part of the winding staircase is still visible. It is called by locals the Byzantine Castle, probably due to the employment of brick in the masonry. This is a very interesting building.


The outer part is very simple: two walls with irregular stonework; the side of the building, which is located in Elefterias is decorated with a small window, surmounted by an arch made by vertical bricks 33 bricks.

The original wooden lintel is still visible. Unfortunately the whole building is overgrown by plants and it is very difficult to see and in particular the side, which lays in Fuledaki.

Entering the interior of the building is even more difficult since it is protected by barbed wire. By the way, it is possible to identify a vaulted or domed space, while two and half pointed arches decorate the wall. The first pointed arch in reality is a niche in the wall.

Both ceiling and walls are made by fine brickwork. The third building is situated a bit far from the other two but is also located around the neighborhoods of the bank of the Sakoulevas River, where probably the Ottoman city developed. This building completely covered by plants and used as a public dumping ground, is a small hamam.

It is about to collapse. The outer part is made by stonework. Vertical bricks frame the entrance door. In the wall, on the right of the entrance door, there is a small rectangular niche. Two rooms compose the interior of the hamam, which is plastered. Lighting is provided by some square shaped openings in the dome. These openings often form interesting decorative motif: placed according to a geometrical design, these light channels caused a diffused light fall in to the room below, in a ever changing direction.

Square shaped openings have been found also in Zambeliou and Douka str. One of the most interesting visual sources for the history of this city it is a picture postcard with a view of a main street in Florina, with single-storey 33 N.


Europa Program Yearbook and two-storey buildings, from the end of the 19th century Thessalonica, Euth. Georgiadu-Koundoura archive. Both buildings dont exist anymore.

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