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But this avoidance can also extend beyond match nights, sometimes involving other types of events, such as theme nights, concerts or the opening nights of art exhibitions. Hannerz, U. Football without fans, supporters and ultras is nothing! Create your banners with the name and colours of your group of fans, supporters or ultras, or your favourite football team! You can edit the garments with the colours of your group of fans, supporters or ultras, club or national team!

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The most active members are mostly young men typically aged between 15 and 35 from the middle classes. They have hierarchical structures and their operations are essentially built around organizing activities — first and foremost, creating a lively atmosphere on the stands at matches with chants, gestures waving and raising arms, jumping, linking shoulders as well as drums, flags, banners and streamers, often used as part of tifos.

Brazil 2014 World Cup Calendar

All the French ultras groups share this culture, with the same values and forms of organization. Their integration into the city is also visible in their practices and uses of public space and some specific places such as bars.


How do ultras occupy and become integrated into urban territories? How are the competition and rivalries between different groups of ultras formalized within cities?

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Being an ultra is therefore not just about being a football fan but also about being part of a social world whose practices and discourses extend beyond matches. First of all, ultras groups are engaged in a competition based primarily on the quality of the displays and actions they organize within their stands in the stadium: they compete in terms of numbers of fans, the volume of chants and how spectacular their displays are tifos, movements, banners, etc.

While this rivalry is especially strong between groups supporting various clubs, it can also exist between ultras groups supporting the same team: at home fixtures, for instance, each has their own repertoire of chants and each strives to produce the best tifo.

Moreover, many tifos and chants pay tribute to the city, often representing the most prestigious monuments or events.


Indeed, all of these groups identify strongly with the local area, which requires significant knowledge of the city its history, its territory and its emblems. In their various means of communication tifos, banners, chants, fanzines , groups seek to promote those things for which their city is or was famous Hourcade — for example, the prosperous industrial and mining years for ultras based in Saint-Étienne in the Loire coalfield and Lens in the extensive Nord—Pas-de-Calais coalfield Fontaine Beyond these values and these emblems, ultras also maintain and claim a special connection with the territory of their city, and it is for this reason that the competition between ultras groups spills over from the stadium into the public space.

They will also be on the lookout for any signs that opposing ultras might have left. When they go to other cities to support their team, for instance, they will make sure to leave traces of their visit in some way. We see here a circulation of practices, associated with a specific vocabulary with links to the social worlds of tagging and graffiti on the one hand, and of ultras on the other.

The stadium and its immediate surroundings are the main places to be covered in stickers, which can usually be found on all the streets leading to the stadium, marking out the path to the ground.

The section of motorway linking Saint-Étienne and Lyon is also increasingly a target for this: walls, bridges and signs are regularly tagged. Ultras from both cities therefore are constantly on the lookout for tags and regularly organize groups trips to go out cover them up with their own tags, only for new ones to appear a few days later, prompting another trip out with the intention of making more successful and more visible tags.

📸Les beaux tifos de la Brigade Loire - Onefootball

Larger versions of these photos can be viewed in the PDF file for this article available for download above. In Saint-Étienne, we could distinguish between members of the two ultras groups according to their neighbourhood or town of origin or residence.

Many Magic Fans, for example, are originally from small and medium-sized towns in the suburbs of Saint-Étienne. In these towns, it is rare to find Green Angels stickers. Similarly, certain areas of the city centre are full of stickers and tags from a particular group.